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Memorials for pets and fury family members
Loosing a pet can be incredibly difficult, we love them, cherish them, and treat them as part of our beloved family.
Often, we create memorials, keep their ashes in urns, or display photos to honour their memory, our QR code service offers a unique way to protect and share cherished memories of your beloved pet in a new, and interactive way.
By scanning your personalised QR code with a phone or tablet, you can access your memorial page, dedicated to your pet, with photos and videos, along with your personal memorial message.

This fully sharable code allows anyone you send it to family and friends, who can then access your pet's tribute, anytime, anywhere, creating a heartfelt and lasting way to remember your furry family member.

Heartfelt24 is more than memories, also a place for healing.

Jane Robinson, Dog Owner

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The service we provide - you upload photos to our server, we provide you with a QR code, anyone who scans it will have access to your memorial collection of your beloved pet.
We also send on email for you to send on, and is accessible from anywhere in the world, anytime.
Our service protects you from
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You can have an ever lasting homage to your beloved pet where generations in the future will know who your pet was and the love you both had for each other
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The QR code for her memorial page makes it easy for loved ones to access her memories, keeping her spirit alive in our hearts
David Miller, Cat Owner

Free plan available
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For a low annual fee (a FREE plan is available) we also provide you with a set of physical QR codes to attach to photo frames, memory boxes, keepsakes or ashes.

They can be placed anywhere you choose.
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